Aaron Carter Career TimeLine: Singer Died at the age 34 at his Home on Nov 5th 2022

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Aaron Carter Career TimeLine: Singer Died at the age 34 at his Home on Nov 5th 2022

Aaron Carter’s Career Timeline: From ‘Crush on You’ and ‘Aaron’s Party’ to Broadway, TV and ‘Love’ 

Aaron Carter became a star when he opened for the Backstreet Boys at the age of nine. He released several albums, was shown on Broadway and appeared in several television series. 

 Aaron Carter died on November 5, 2022, at the age of 34.


Singer and brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter died at his home in Los Angeles. 

 Although Carter more recently made headlines for what went on his personal life — he was often open about about his struggles with substance abuse and mental health and had several stints in rehab — his career that spanned more than two decades saw him release five studio albums, with the first dropping in 1997 when he was just nine years old. Over the years, Carter’s career also took him to Broadway and both scripted and reality television. 


 Below, revisit the highlights of Carter’s career timeline — from first single “Crush on You” to the hits that appeared on Billboard‘s charts to the last studio album released before his death, plus the various other entertainment credits on his résumé. 


1997: Singing Lessons and First Band 

 I wanted to be a singer since I was very, very little,” Carter, who began singing at age seven, once said in an interview in 1998, when he was around 10 years old. “The first thing I did is I asked my mom, and she said ‘I’ll take you to lessons.’ So she started taking me to lessons.” 


 Pre-1997: Singing Lessons and First Band 

 “I wanted to be a singer since I was very, very little,” Carter, who began singing at age seven, once said in an interview in 1998, when he was around 10 years old. “The first thing I did was ask my mom and she said, ‘I’ll take you to class.’ “So he started taking me to class.” 

 “I really love this job, I’ve wanted to do it all my life.” 


 1997: His first solo concert, song and album 

 for his first solo public concert, Carter was a hit: the Backstreet Boys opening performances. Footage from a concert in Germany circa 1997 shows him on stage performing a rocking version of the Jets’ ‘Crush on You’. 


 1998: Carter’s US Debut 

 Aaron Carter was re-released in the US on June 16, 1998. The album includes “Crush on You”, “Crazy Little Party Girl” and “I’m Gonna Miss You” Forever. 


  2000: Aaron’s Party (Come and Get Her) 

 Aaron’s Party (Come and Get Her). September 26, 2000, is the second album of the young singer. The songbook includes the singles “I Want Candy” (a cover of the Strangeloves song of the same name),  Billboard Hot 100 hit “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”, “That How I Beat Shaq” and “Bounce”. It peaked at No. 


 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, putting him on the road with the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears on the Oops! …I’ did it again. 


 2001: Lizzie McGuire and Broadway and Oh Aaron 

 Had a memorable year  for Carter in the famous script. On February 23, 2001, she appeared in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where she led an “I Want Candy” dance  on the beach. 

 Carter guest-starred in an episode of Lizzie McGuire  that aired on the Disney Channel on March 23, 2001, performing “I Want Candy”. In the episode, Hilary Duff’s Lizzie says, “Having Aaron Carter  here is the most amazing thing we’ve ever experienced! He’s cute,  cool, and talented.” She ends up at Aaron and meets Aaron under the mistletoe and he promptly kisses her. 

 In April 2001, she performed on Broadway and made her debut as JoJo in Seussical. 


 2002: Another earthquake! And more 

,earthquakes! Carter’s fourth studio album, released on September 3, 2002,  peaked at number 18 on the Billboard 200. The song is one of the group’s singles along with “Summertime” (featuring Baja), “To All the Girls” and “Do You Remember.” ” “. 

 “That was my favorite album  as a kid,” Carter said in an interview later in 2020. 

 That year, the young star was also invited to sing Liberty’s children’s song “Through My Own Eyes” on PBS. 


 2003: Most Wanted Hits 

 On November 3, 2003, Carter released the compilation album Most Wanted, which included songs from his previous three albums, but not his self-titled debut album. An additional track “One Better” was added to the mix. 


 2004 : 7th Heaven 

 Carter starred in WB’s 7th Heaven in 2004

 for a two-episode arc, with a character named Harry  in the scene that aired October 27-20, starring Ruth, played by by Mackenzie Rothman. 


2005: Popstar and “Saturday Night” 

 Carter played JD McQueen in Popstar, a live-action video film released on March 29, 2005,  based on his own experience as a pop star. The new song “Saturday Night” appears on the soundtrack. He also played the supporting role of Owen Cole in  Supercross, which premiered on August 17, 2005. 


 2006: The Carter House  

 The five Carter siblings – Aaron, Nick, PJ, Leslie and Angie – co-star in episode 8 of E!! Reality show “Carter House”. The show premiered on October 2, 2006, and was parodied in an SNL play, starring Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis as grateful brothers Aaron and Nick. 


 2009: Dancing with the Stars and “Dancing With Me” 

 Carter stars in Dancing with the Stars on the ninth season  of the ABC reality  show. He achieved fifth place with his partner Karina Smirnov. The quick movement of the pair, Jeffy and Samba received particularly high marks. 2009 also features a unique montage called “Dance With Me” featuring Flo Rida. 


 2011: Back on Broadway in The Fantasticks 

 Carter returns to the New York theater on November 1.

2012: Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off 

 The following year, Carter was named one of the celebrity guests to appear on the Food Network reality show starring Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri. Carter, who played for children’s charity Beats Cancer during the game, was named in Ray’s squad. Unfortunately, it was removed at the end of the first episode. 


 2013: After party trip 

 after her reality show (The Carter House, Dancing with the Stars, Rachel with Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off) and rehab at the Betty Ford Center, more than 10 years after releasing her last studio album, Carter is ready to focus on music and hit the road again for After Party. From. February to December 2013. 


 2015: The Music Never Stops EP 

 After an 11-city Canadian tour in 2015 and a 50-date Wonderful World tour from September to January, Carter released the EP in via SoundCloud. 

2016: Fool’s Gold 

Debuted on Billboard in November 2015 and was officially released from their next album on April 1, 2016. 


 2017: fan of the evolution of the EPL


Presents February 2017: Carter’s voice and five songs Upcoming EP LØVË for his next full-length album, which includes “Fool’s Gold” and the new single “Sooner or later” “


 August 2018: LØVË was his last studio album before moving on to 

 LØVË, which would be Carter’s last before his death, which came in February. On January 16, 2018, it was his first studio album in 16 years. Carter has synth credit for all of the group’s songs except for their early hits “I Want Candy,” 


 2022: Additional remixes: Carter’s last 

 hits “Reload Wesson,” “The Devil,” “She Just Want to”. Ride” and “Blockbuster” and “Blame It On Me” and “Scars” – will be released to streaming services in 2022. Several songs will be included on the posthumous album.

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